Walking through Walls offers workshops in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Vipassana meditation as taught by Eoin McCarthy. Non-commercial in their approach, these classes have a strong emphasis on raising levels of consciousness through asana and working with the breath from core awareness and one’s intention. In each of these sessions, yoga is taught as a long-term, sustainable practice and as a discipline geared towards the self-development of the individual.

Eoin’s teaching style focuses on understanding and discovering the self: to become aware of one’s own thought and behavior patterns, facing fears and overcoming doubts and limitations. Increased levels of attention leads to awareness, which in turn cultivates higher levels of intuition, which then develops into wisdom and ultimately, increased levels of consciousness.

“To know yourself is to know the Universe and the gods.”– inscription in the temple at Delphi.

About Eoin
Irish-born Eoin McCarthy is a long standing, dedicated and vastly experienced Ashtanga yoga and meditation teacher. He has studied with many of the world’s leading Ashtanga yoga teachers and served an apprenticeship with Graeme Northfield for several years. He has travelled extensively throughout Asia and Europe conducting Ashtanga yoga and meditation workshops.

Eoin has a strong background in martial arts (second degree black belt in traditional Shodokan Karate) and is certified both as an Iyengar yoga teacher and Hatha yoga teacher. He is also a formally qualified health and fitness instructor, nutrition adviser, and stress management consultant.

He has worked and studied in-depth with numerous senior masters throughout Asia in the fields of energy work, meditation, movement, healing and massage methods. These include:

• Freeform movement
• Traditional Chinese medicine
• Ayurveda
• Reflexology
• Accupressure
• Reiki
• Sumarah, Vipassana and Insight meditation
• Buddhist healing systems
• Thai massage

A convert to Buddhism and long-time Vipassana meditator, Eoin’s teaching methods are heavily influenced by far-eastern philosophies, especially Buddhism and Taoism.

He currently lives and teaches in Melbourne, Australia.

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