Eoin’s new studio

It’s finally happening folks!

A labour of love, sweat and tears for the past couple of years, Simhanada Ashtanga Yoga School will be opening its doors early in September this year. With the indomitable Kaz Kingdon as co-founder, Eoin will be the senior teacher in this brand new space — a special heritage-listed building re-designed specifically as a yoga studio.

The website is still underway, but in the meantime, do follow/like us on Facebook and Instagram (@simhanadayoga) for updates on official opening dates and progress on the beautiful new building designed by Richard Stampton Architects. The studio can be contacted on info@simhanadayoga.com.

Here’s a little preview of the blurb on the website about the meaning of the word simhanada:

The name “Simhanada” means the “Lion’s Roar” in Sanskrit. In Buddhism, it symbolizes the fearless proclamation of the teachings of the Buddha. The Buddha’s discourses, as found in the ancient Pali canon, frequently draw their imagery from the rich and varied animal life of the Indian jungle. It is therefore not surprising that the Buddha chose to represent himself as the stately lion and described his proclamation of the Dharma, bold and thunderous, as the veritable lion’s roar in the spiritual domain.

The Lion’s Roar is also a strong image in both martial arts and Hinduism.

See you soon!

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